Golden Key


Hey GKers! NYIT Golden Key will be involved in 100 Saturdays, a volunteer project that will help restore areas that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy last year. We will be heading to Staten Island this upcoming Saturday (October 26th) to help families with cleaning up backyards, houses, demolition work and some digging. We will meet in front of Trinity Baptist Church (250 East 61st Street, NY, NY) at 9am where a van will drop us off to the location. We should be done by 3:30 and back in front of the church by 5pm. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes and a coat. If you want more details on this event, you can check out the 100 Saturdays website: Or you can contact the President of NYIT Golden Key, Favour Akinjiyan (, ) or Vice President, Saad Kamal (, 516-353-1812) for details as well. We encourage you to bring your friends and family as well! Thanks! Regards, Saad Kamal NYIT GK Vice President  



At Golden Key, we share your vision for life; a chance to shape the world and a commitment to excellence. We offer a sense of fellowship within the Society's three pillars – Academics, Leadership and Service – and are dedicated to achievement – personally, professionally and altruistically. We share your values and offer a continuum of possibilities – opportunities to unlock your potential.




Golden Key members are more than good students; we are scholars. We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and change situations for the better. We enjoy academic challenges and strive for excellence in our fields. We are not bookish; we are learned.

All over the world Golden Key members are reaching out, making plans; changing lives. You speak and people listen; you lead and people follow. Wherever you go, Golden Key is with you, offering opportunities to further develop your leadership skills and work with others with similar purpose and goals.

When you become a member of Golden Key, you become a part of something greater – an extended family of peers, mentors and connections all living a legacy of greatness.

Your chapter is your home. Chapters are part of a continuum – an esteemed legacy of accomplished like-minded people, and each member shares his or her individual attributes to strengthen that legacy.

We celebrate you. Your diligence and commitment to excellence, your potential for what is to come. We celebrate your scholastic achievement, your stellar leadership and dedication to the greater good. As an organization we reward you in ways that serve only to better you and help you achieve more.test